First of all, thank you for entrusting us with the wellbeing of your young person. It is something that we don’t take lightly. At Horizon Youth, we see our role as coming alongside young people and helping them grow and develop into the Young Adults that we believe they are called to be. At no time do we see our role as trying to parent your young person but we are honoured to support you, however you would like us to. Horizon Church is passionate about seeing our Children and Young People step into their God–given destiny. We therefore give the highest priority to ensuring, as far as we are able that they are provided with programs, activities and leaders that reflect our desire to safeguarding their well-being.

As such Horizon actively supports the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) SAFERCHURCHES initiative and is in the process of implementing the ACC Safer Churches Policy and Guidelines. These will ensure that Horizon is always working towards adopting ‘best practice’ with regard to child protection initiatives and workplace health and safety requirements. All of our leaders have completed their Working With Children’s Checks, as well as have signed a Code of Conduct. We have guidelines in place to ensure that our leaders and your young people are as safe as possible every Friday night and every event.

Safer Churches Team

Our ‘Safer Churches Team’ provides a ready point of contact for anyone wishing to discuss a concern regarding the wellbeing of children or young people who are connected with any of Horizon’s activities or programs. To speak to a member of this team, please call 9521 2933. All enquiries will be diligently and sensitively responded to.

Health & Safety Team

The Health and safety team exist to identify and address potential safety issues or hazards that can arise during the course of Church activities. If you wish to report a hazard or have a concern relating to site safety, please contact our Health and Safety Team by phoning 9521 2933.

National Helpline

The ACC Churches also operates a National Helpline for any person wishing to discuss abuse or misconduct relating to an ACC Church.

Please call 1800 070 511.