IMPACT is more than a pumping, on fire, vibing event that is on every Friday night…. It is a passionate group of Senior High students who believe that every person matters and has a purpose here on earth! We exist to champion ALL people and their call, their call to be close to Jesus, to spread hope and live life to its fullest!

If you are in year 9 to year 12 – you belong in IMPACT! With people from all upbringings, nationalities and all different interests – we have room for everyone and we believe EVERYONE MATTERS! We hang during the week, gather on a Friday and a Sunday nights, and you can be GUARANTEED that you will fit right in!

When we meet on Friday nights (7-9:30) & Sunday nights (5:30-7pm), you can expect:
– Hang time (rad music, mini games, lots of food, heaps of people hanging)
– P&W (live band & mosh pit)
– Your favourite segments (epic games/wars/all round funny stuff)
– The Offering where we give generously to fuel the vision of Shirelive Youth
– Passionate & fiery preaching (with the funniest, most relatable and definitely the most passionate preachers)
– Lifegroup – Friday Only (where a crowd of 100+ turns into crews of around 10, by age and gender, who do life together)

IMPACT is the place to be…. Guaranteed that you will have a mad time and leave feeling like you belong, feeling encouraged and feeling championed!

Can’t wait to meet & hang with you!

Jackson, Youth Oversight

Contact Us

If there’s any way that we can help you or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring, drop us an email or pop in to say hi!