About Jesus

We were created to be in relationship with God. Sin separates us from Him but Jesus has made a way for us to be reconnected to God through his dying on the cross.

Jesus has done everything necessary for you to come into relationship with God. His finished work becomes real in your life when you make a personal decision to accept Him.

The greatest decision you can make in your life is to receive the love & forgiveness of Jesus Christ. If you would like to accept Jesus and all that He has done for you, it’s as simple as saying a prayer and meaning it from your heart:

Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me and dying for me on the cross. Your precious blood washes me clean of every sin. You are my Lord and my Saviour, now and forever. I believe that You rose from the dead and that You are alive today. Because of Your finished work, I am now a beloved child of God and Heaven is my home. Thank You for giving me eternal life and filling my heart with Your peace and joy. Amen.

We would love to let you know more about Jesus. Please visit us at one of our services or contact us if you have said this prayer and would like to know more about your new life in Christ.

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